Bilge Pumps Can Be Life Savers


The bilge pump on your boat is rather the poor relation. It sits in the dark all alone, doing its work with little thanks from anyone. The only time anyone takes any notice is when it fails. It may simply need cleaning, it could have worn out or the switch may have failed. Hopefully it just needs cleaning and the pipes flushing out. If not, here is a large selection of pumps from both Amazon and Ebay.

Many holidays aboard have been spoiled by poor boat maintenance. If you don't maintain your hull, or propshaft seals for that matter, you may well find water making its way into the boat. Under normal circumstances the bilge pump will kick in and drain the water allowing you to continue. Very few bilge pumps would deal with a really serious leak caused by collision damage etc, but annoying smaller leaks should not be a problem providing the pump and switch are in good order. If you do need a pump, here are some links.

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