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I've lived on a boat, full time, for almost 17 years. Our boat was launched in 1951, and she is generally described as a 'Gentleman's Motor Yacht'. She was commissioned by a Doctor in 1950 and launched on the river Thames in 1951. I've previously owned 5 other boats, all of which were glass fibre. I had never before owned a wooden boat, nor had I ever had any serious experience repairing old wood. Our mahogany hull is showing her age and if it breaks we sink! It was therefore essential that I learned how to adapt modern techniques in the repair of old wood. This is only one part of our extended adventure which is covered through this site. Most of what is contained here is applicable to almost all boats.

Living aboard does make one very aware, and increasingly interested, in saving money by safely 'doing it your self'. On this site I intend to share a lot of the trials and tribulations that many boaters face, whether they live aboard or not. The real skill of boating is to be aware of what can go wrong and how to deal with it if it happens. I hope that what follows will be perceived, in many ways, as a shortcut to getting it right.

You will find various offers here, but you will also find instruction based on my own and my fellow boaters experience that should go a long way to increase your own knowledge about fixing a boat and also about kit I use myself to make life aboard more comfortable. Apart from diesel, food, drinking water and spare parts we are pretty much self sufficient. For me and many others this is boating at its best. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this website and find it useful.

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