Fresh Water Pumps


There is a massive choice in fresh water pumps available across the internet. Your decision as to which water pump you should buy should be based on what you perceive to be your level of use. If you are only an occasional boater you'll probably be serviced well by a cheap and cheerful low end pump. For more serious use you'll need to look at spending more serious money.

I'm pretty sure, based on my own experience (as a live onboard boater), that the designers of the cheaper pumps dumb down the quality. This never used to be the case, but with Western suppliers relying on often very poor quality Far Eastern suppliers it is hardly surprising. To ensure that you get full value from your pump, regardless of who you buy it from, keep your receipt. Simple.

Check out the EBAY link below for a huge range of pumps, both new and used. If you are in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada or Australia, the text link should take you to the right page on your own EBAY.

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