Power Inverters: Mains Power From Your Batteries


The power inverter is a clever piece of kit. Connect it to a suitable battery and mains power comes out of the other end! Inverters have been around a long time, but used to be horrendously expensive. Competition, new technology and a much bigger demand have brought prices crashing down to a point that makes them affordable for anyone with a boat.

Modern electronic equipment almost always prefers a pure sine wave inverter

With pure sine wave inverters we can enjoy all of our favourite electronic items while on board. TV's, computers and almost anything else electrical is okay now.

2000 watt inverter

Before buying an inverter you must first decide how much power your equipment is going use. All new electrical items show the wattage they will use, so make a list. Add all the watts together and add a goodly safety margin, say around 40%.

When we did this exercise we found that while we were travelling we could limit our mains electrical usage to the TV and a computer. This is only 400 watts maximum. To allow for 'extras' we decided to get a 1500 watt 'soft start' inverter. Bear in mind that you also need batteries that can cope with the load. Your starter battery is not capable of this. For more information have a look at our Batteries page.

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