LED Security Lighting


20 watt LED Security light

I'm no expert on LED lighting or how it works, so on this page I'm simply going to share my own experience of having replaced a 300 watt incandescant security light with a 20 watt (not a misprint) LED version. Incidentally the two pic's above are from my own boat. I took side views to avoid 'blinding' the camera.

There was nothing actually wrong with the 300 watt lighting except for the power usage. We are typically on the inland waterways system, so when we are on the move we have to moor where there is space against the bank. This can be a bit of a worry because, of course, we rarely have shore power, but rather have to rely on our leisure batteries. The batteries would cope, but why stress them when it's not necessary?

The typical range of LED security lighting appears to be in the range of 10 watts to 50 watts. With some trepidation I chose the 20 watt version simply because it would fit where I wanted it, and wasn't so large as to look silly. I'd read good reviews of the light output of these little LED units so thought I'd take the chance on the 20 watt unit.

20 watt LED security light

I need not have worried. Having fitted the light I was totally amazed at the light output. It actually hurts your eyes if you look directly at it. Excellent! On the land side of our marina mooring is approxiamately 40 feet of pathway and grass. An intruder (or passing visitor), anywhere in that space turns the unit on and luminescence is more than enough to concern any passing ne'er do well. A proper result.

Just as a 'by the way'. You can also use these LED security lights where there is no mains power at all. All you need is a very small (and extremely cheap) Power Inverter and a decent Leisure Battery. If you need either of these feel free to click the two internal site links.

To make sure that you get the very best value out of your new lamp, wherever you happen to use it, whether on the boat or even at home, make sure that all screws and fastenings etc are well vaselined. Many manufacturers of items like these, particularly imports, will save fractions of a penny by using low grade fastenings. They look nice and shiny when new but are very susceptible to corrosion. You can beat them at their own game by liberally covering the screws etc with a waterproofing lubricant like Vaseline. You can more than double the unit's life expectancy by 'topping up' the Vaseline when required.

Lastly, here are a couple of Amazon links for comparison

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