Electric Outboard Motors


There is no doubt whatsoever that the electric outboard, used in the right waters, has come of age. I first experienced one years ago when reservoir fishing for trout. The reservoir was huge and petrol outboards were completely banned. My fishing partner owned an electric outboard and it was absolute bliss not having to row everywhere.

They are extremely useful wherever there is either none tidal or slow moving water.

It will be useful for you to know, that if you have an electric outboard that you intend to use regularly you should also get yourself a deep cycle semi traction battery. This type of battery is the sort of thing that is designed to power a golf buggy or mobility snooker. A standard car battery will not survive long driving an outboard motor. Semi traction versions are made for the job. Here's a link to another page on this site where you can read about them.

Torqeedo 401

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