Honda Outboard Motors and Accessories


If you've ever owned a Honda outboard motor you'll already know just how good they actually are, The technology built into every Honda engine easily parallels that which goes into Formulae one racing cars. The big difference is that instead of concentrating their efforts on simple crude power, though they have plenty of that of course, Honda concentrates their efforts on environmentally friendly, reliable, economical made to last perfection.

Honda 250hp outboards

It's true that Honda outboard motors are expensive when bought new, but not only do they hold their value incredibly well they also come with a true, 5 year, no argument, factory warranty. Better still, if you sell your boat the warranty remains completely intact with the new owner.

I mentioned the technology earlier inherent in the Honda outboard range. Rather than duplicate it here, why not take a look at the Official Honda Webpage that describes it in detail. The link will open in a new window and will return you here when you close it. If you are interested in buying a brand new Honda outboard, you'll find an officially authorised dealer list there too. You need to use one of these to benefit fully from the Five Year Guarantee.

If however, you'd like to view some pre-loved models, stick with me. The ebay text link below is geographically sensitive and will send you to your own ebay site if you are in the USA, Australia, Canada or the UK. All listings are live and interactive and as such they change all the time. All listings, wherever you are, are real and up to the minute. As usual, if you cannot see exactly what you want, simply use the ebay search function that is on every product page.

 For your information. I am not connected to anyone, whether they be a dealer or private individual, that sells outboard engines. Nor do I sell them myself. My views are completely independant.

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